Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/12/2006

Growing Popularity of E-Learning - Inside Higher Ed
More students are taking online college courses than ever before, yet the majority of faculty still aren't warming up to the concept of e-learning, according to a national survey from the countrys' largest association of organizations and institutions focused on online education.
The evidence: Problem areas identified in previous years are still seen as areas of concern among academic leaders.
  • Only 4.6 percent of Chief Academic Officers agreed that there are no significant barriers to widespread adoption of online learning.
  • Nearly two-thirds of the academic leaders cite the need for more discipline on the part of online students as a critical barrier.
  • Faculty issues, both acceptance of online and the need for greater time and effort to teach online, are also important barriers.
  • Neither a perceived lack of demand on the part of potential students nor the acceptance of an online degree by potential employers was seen as a critical barrier.

SMH - Youtube in Melbourne School - Stephen Hutcheon counters Catherine Munro - Learn Online
Youtube is a class act - a refreshing look at the positive adaptation of undeniably popular communication into some Australian school curriculum. Supporting Article

Social sites becoming too much of a good thing - San Francisco Chronicle
Social networking sites have steadily attracted more people this year, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. But between August and September, traffic to almost all popular social networking sites fell.

Add graphics to your blog, book, or presentation - Creating Passionate Users
People pay attention to graphics. They respond to graphics. They learn from graphics. If you want your readers/learners/audience to "get" something as quickly and clearly as possible, use visuals. Note: for another view on graphics.

The Red Balloon (1956) - Le Ballon Rouge - The World of Kane -
A masterpiece in short film making. A red balloon follows a little boy around the streets of Paris. Directed by Albert Lamorisse, who also created the popular board game Risk.

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