Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/10/2006

November 10, 2006

24/7 Innovation - Creating an Infectious Culture of Innovation - Dan Keldsen
The basis of all of my creative thinking work is about how to get people to get new dots, get new experiences, look at problems through a different lens rather than the way they've always solved it in the past.

Jim Carroll: How to put a ripple in a flat world - Innovation Insider
"Folks who have "gone flat" or who "get flat" seem quite dispirited: they have been relentlessly focused on cost, yet there is so much more to the future than becoming a low cost operator. Yet that's what innovation is all about: doing much more than simply "surviving" into a world that has gone flat, into a world in which you are thriving through innovation.

The Influence of Interactive Video on Learning outcomes and Learner Satisfaction - The Boggs e-Learning Chronicle
Results of the experiment showed that the value of video for learning effectiveness was contingent upon the provision of interactivity. Students in the e-learning environment that provided interactive video achieved significantly better learning performance and a higher level of learner satisfaction than those in other settings.

Response Cards to Facilitate Active Learning in Lectures - Will at Work Learning
Lectures can be modified in different ways to increase the amount of active learning---to ensure that learners are more fully engaged, have a more robust understanding of the learning material, are more likely to remember what they learned, are more likely to utilize the information at a later time.

An innovation process and software framework - Innovate on Purpose
Increasingly, firms value consistent, collaborative information that enables a business process. This means that the existing software applications that support "innovation" will have to consolidate and support the entire process in one component framework or integrated solution.

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Donald - Thanks for referencing my podcast, 24/7 Innovation - Creating an Infectious Culture of Innovation. However, the front end of the URL was lost in translation (your bdld.blogspot.com domain was/is in place rather than delphigroup.blogs.com/dan_keldsen) - should be 24/7 Innovation - Creating an Infectious Culture of Innovation.