knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/30/2006

CNET's AllYouCanUpload Is Disruptive - TechCrunch
CNET very quietly launched a simple new photo uploading site called AllYouCanUpload last week. At first glance it doesn't appear to be very special or disruptive. But it is.

Don't Try This at Home - Wired

The lure of do-it-yourself chemistry has always been the most potent recruiting tool science has to offer. Many kids attracted by the promise of filling the garage with clouds of ammonium sulfide - the proverbial stink bomb - went on to brilliant careers in mathematics, biology, programming, and medicine.

Deconstructing the MySpace Threat - Stephen Downes
Good post linking to and summarizing an interview with Danah Boyd and Henry Jenkins on the subject of MySpace.

What are knowledge behaviors - Knowledge Jolt with Jack
Shawn's list is primarily about those behaviors associated with the idea of knowledge appearing in the interaction between people: sharing, helping, discussing, seeking.

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