knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/29/2006

by Petty Officer 1st Class Marvin Harris

Knowledge Management: The Next Generation - CIO
Book excerpt from Stealth KM: Winning Knowledge Management Strategies for the Private Sector by Niall Sinclair. Today, most knowledge and information workers still rely on e-mail and voice mail for communication with individuals and teams.

Research Project: TagLines - via Micro Persuasion
TagLines is the visualization of the evolution of Flickr tags over time.

The Death of The Internet? - Youtube video
Major telecommunications companies are spending millions lobbying the U.S. congress to make the Internet into a private network.

Pull the other one ... how iPods took over the world - The Observer
This tiny object does a lot more than play music: as part of a larger system with iTunes and the iTunes music store, it defines a new relationship between customer and producer and reshapes an industry.

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