Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/07/2006

Starbucks' Secret Ingredient - Business Week
Schultz is fiercely passionate about what he does. But understand that his passion is not only about the coffee. He sells much more. You see, while Schultz loves coffee, he's passionate about creating a workplace that treats people with dignity and respect. That's the message he conveys consistently to employees, customers, and investors.

Rebuilding Media - Corante
The hallmark characteristics of the New Medium are: 1) Uniquely individualized information can simultaneously be delivered or displayed to a potentially infinite number of people, 2) each of the people involved — whether publisher, broadcasters, or consumer — shares equal and reciprocal control over that content.

Performance appraisals - a double-edged sword - Innovations Report
A successful performance appraisal only has a positive effect on work performance in the case of employees who already have a high intrinsic job motivation. They are among the group of employees who already provide the best work performance and take personal responsibility for their own development and doing their job.

Firing Students - Learning Circuits
When should instructors fire students (ask students to no longer participate)? This is a more challenging issue in the corporate and government world, where training is more thought as a service, or a requirement, than the academic.

Wordsmiths hail podcast success - BBC
The term 'podcast' has been declared Word of the Year by the New Oxford American Dictionary.

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