Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/02/2006

Globalization Shaping Creativity Training - CLO
Creativity isn't necessarily an innate skill. It's something that can be taught. A fundamental skill and a core line as a basis for creativity is helping people get in touch with and learn about their propensity for risks.

Boom in retirements could slow economy, Fed report predicts - Seattle PI
They sometimes have been called the most self-important generation in American history. Now, as their leading edge begins to enter retirement, we may start to find out whether the baby boomers' role in the economy is as outsized as their ranks.

What makes an enterprise wiki? - CMS Watch
A good CMS will offer a WYSIWYG interface that makes writing content for the web a lot like using a word processor. These days, more wikis have WYSIWYG editing features as well, so the wiki markup language becomes a less interesting feature in terms of formatting, although it does provide the benefit of being supported by all browsers on all platforms, something that is typically not the case with rich-text editors.

Informal Learning is Too Important to Leave to Chance - Stephen Downes
Of course the presumption in this title, with which I disagree, is that unmanaged learning is simply a matter of chance. But that can't be right; otherwise, informal learning wouldn't be very important even now.

What if everything we think about school is wrong? - Random Walk in E-Learning
The kids in the film are articulate, intelligent and well informed. If all students graduating from Fairhaven School are like them, I don't have problem sending my child there.

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