knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/28/2006

Wikis--a disruptive innovation - KM World
Overall, wikis increase the socialization process, enabling collaboration to generate at warp speed. Socialization underpins the sharing of ideas, and hence innovation capacity increases from wiki infrastructure.

Kevin Kruse interview - kineo (audio)
Kevin Kruse has been a voice of reason and insight in the learning field many years now, and the e-learning guru website is a great tool for anyone interested in e-learning.

E-Learning in 2012 - kineo (Breeze Slide/Audio)
New Technologies are at the heart of 85% of the way we learn today.

College 2.0: No Lectures, But Plenty Of Podcasts, Blogs And Text Messages - Tech Dirt
While some will say that this is a less personal approach to teaching, that might not really be true.

The Rise of Crowdsourcing - elearningpost
Having ordinary people 'create content, solve problems, even do corporate R & D'.

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