Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/04/2006

Just-in-Time Training - SHRM
Corporate trainers have begun to capitalize on the ease of the technology and the enormous growth in the number of MP3 users with cost-effective multimedia files that inform and educate.

What Knowledge Looks Like - elearnspace
Defining knowledge is a pain. Perspective is everything...but only to the extent that it aligns to the use intended.

Eight signs that the software giant is dead in the water - John Dvorak
Let me preface by saying that Microsoft is not about to stop making gobs of money. It's just that there is virtually nothing interesting or exciting happening (with the lone exception of the X-Box360) with anything the company is doing.

The six-second teacher evaluation - Cognitive Daily
While college faculty complain unceasingly about the fairness of the now nearly universal student course evaluation system (I did it myself, back when I taught college courses), it has in general been shown to be a relatively reliable indicator of teacher effectiveness, correlating positively with other measures such as faculty and administrator evaluation, as well as actual student learning.

Why You Should Care About Network Neutrality - Slate
The Internet is largely meritocratic in its design. If people like instapundit.com better than cnn.com, that's where they'll go. If they like the search engine A9 better than Google, they vote with their clicks.

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