Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/18/2006

From Training Departments to Learning WoonerfsLearning Circuits
By linking the full gamut of learning processes into a "Learning Woonerf," the organization evolves from a linear learning function into a dynamic uninterrupted slew of learning connections.

Wiki as a KM and PM tool - Alexander Johannesen
KM (Knowledge Management) is a cauldron which contains many things (processes, methods, systems, software, etc) that tries to manage (meaning; collecting, storing, finding, repurposing and changing) "knowledge". PM (Project Management) is that crazy category of "things we do to do things on time and within budget."

What's Up With Knowledge? (podcast) - AudioBerkman
David Weinberger, Berkman fellow, author, and blogger, talks about some of the ideas he's exploring in a new book he's writing on knowledge. He says, "The comedian Jon Stewart has become a trusted journalist. Wikipedia is in many instances more reliable and up-to-date than traditional encyclopedias.

Faked microchip shames all of China - Seattle PI
The revelation is a huge embarrassment for China, which has been trying to lure talented scientists back from overseas in the hopes of creating its own world-class research and technology centers. Related story.

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