Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/30/2005

Brain Region Linked to Metaphor Comprehension Metaphors make for colorful sayings, but can be confusing when taken literally. A study of people who are unable to make sense of figures of speech has helped scientists identify a brain region they believe plays a key role in grasping metaphors. Thwarted innovation: what happened to e-learning and why This study debunks three failed assumptions: 1)If we build it they will come, 2) The kids will take to e-learning like ducks to water, and 3) E-learning will force a change in the way we teach. With link to PDF file. Taking The E-train Online training programs continue to flourish on the plant floor and in the office. Implementing knowledge strategies: lessons from international development agencies This study emphasises that the ideal entry points for knowledge and learning are largely organisational specific and that within this context the suggested Knowledge Strategies framework may help with a gap analysis and priority setting. With link to PDF file. Weblog Video Using weblogs in the classroom video.

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