Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/09/2005

'Tagging' helps unclutter data Here's how we tend to organize our digital photos: We stick them into a folder on our computer and label it "Hawaii trip," or whatever. Here's a new way: Forget folders or albums. Just "tag" the photos based on what's actually in each frame. Engaging Employees Improves Bottom-Line Results You won't engage people just by telling them about something. Only through them internalizing the issues and then inferring their own conclusions will engagement genuinely happen. GATES VS. GOOGLE: Search and Destroy Google has become a new kind of foe, and that's what has Gates so riled. An experimental test of flashbulb memory Emotionally charged memories are not like photographs. Internet Growing As Main Source Of News Among Online Adults The number of online adults who prefer the Internet as their main source of news has grown by over 35 percent in the last four years, at the expense of television and newspapers, a market research firm said Tuesday. India high on soft skills, knowledge and creativity There are five reasons why globalisation is an imperative for more and more Asian firms, according to Global Future: The Next Challenge for Asian Business by Arnoud De Meyer et al, from Wiley.

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