Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/23/2005

E-learning becomes a workforce stimulant Most learning management systems are purchased for specific business projects, but it isn't long before they start catering for employee interests, too - such as superannuation or share-option plans. In fact, organisations typically go through at least five phases until they reach full utilisation of these systems. The Space Between: Creating a Context for Learning This is about context on how groups of people create the context that makes information matter. How video games help us learn: Searching for the mechanism When asked to remember the locations of the buildings, passive viewers remembered significantly fewer of the objects inside the buildings than the navigators did. Once and future KM Let's pretend it's the mid-1990s, and you're thinking big. You’re just getting wind of the relatively new concept of knowledge management, which, at it simplest—getting the right information to the right people at the right time—makes perfect sense. Corporate T&D Market Will Grow 8 Percent to $11 Billion This Year Fueling that growth is e-learning, including virtual classrooms, Web meetings and conferences, which is forecast to grow by 30%. Ontology Is Overrated: Social advantages in tagging One of the problem users have with categories is that when we do head-to-head tests — we describe something and then we ask users to guess how we described it — there’s a very poor match.

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