Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/0/2005

e-toolbox Information pertaining to a variety of software which can be used to develop learning situations. Five steps to smart human capital growth The U.S. employment report released on Friday shows a growth of 274,000 jobs in April. The New Digital Divide A new divide has opened up, one that is based far more on choice than on circumstance. Several million people (and the number is growing, daily) have chosen to become the haves of the Internet, and at the same time that their number is growing, so are their skills. Also, see jarche. How Apple and Wiley are just like GM and the LA Times In this instance, Apple - rightfully or wrongfully - told Wiley that they didn't appreciate and/or want the information to be made public. Wiley did so anyway, and Apple reacted by removed Wiley's products from their stores. The assault on software giant Microsoft The next two years will be crucial for software giant Microsoft. Under attack on numerous fronts, it could falter - or fight back to become even more dominant.

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