Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/22/2005

The Role of Critical Thinking in the Online Learning Environment Research indicates that critically reflective learning provides students with an opportunity to evaluate concepts learned and apply them to their experiences, contemplating its affect on future learning. Conceptual Framework Learning Object Navigating questions, processes, and steps of a conceptual framework. Blog Research Although blogs are currently used by only a small number of online consumers, they've garnered a great deal of corporate attention because their readers and writers are highly influential. Forrester believes that blogging will grow in importance. This leads to a PDF: Blogging: Bubble Or Big Deal? eLearning shortens the curve One of eLearning’s more significant developments is the use of interaction between the user and the media system to ask and answer questions or to exercise other learning activities to make the user think. What is significant about interactive presentations is how much they improve understanding and retention. Where's e-learning headed? e-learning has gone from a hyped-up novelty to a practical, beneficial enterprise learning resource.

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