Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/28/2005

How to be a Good Learner PowerPoint Slides and MP3 Audio on Stephen Downes’ survey of the three major characteristics of good learning behavior. Innovation: Core Competency for the 21st Century Despite the growing recognition that innovation is the only sustainable source of growth, competitive advantage, and new wealth, fewer than 25 percent of companies believe innovation performance is where it needs to be if they are to be successful in the competitive marketplace. Brain Plasticity The history of KM has been one of hype, failure and disappointment. Video Storytelling: Rule of Thirds How do you frame your pictures for maximum effect? (with video) The World is Flat A video with Friedman discussing his latest book, The World Is Flat, describes the unplanned cascade of technological and social shifts that effectively leveled the economic world, and accidentally made Beijing, Bangalore and Bethesda next-door neighbors. From elearnspace.

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