Knowledge and Learning In The News - 5/26/2005

Make Mine a Grande Frappuccino Landed.fm Executive Producer Dawn Fotopulus reports from the recent Human Resource Institute's Issue Management Conference titlted "Next Practices in People Management." Presenters at the HRI conference included HR executives from Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Shell. (With Podcast) 11 steps to a better brain It doesn't matter how brainy you are or how much education you've had - you can still improve and expand your mind. Boosting your mental faculties doesn't have to mean studying hard or becoming a reclusive book worm. There are lots of tricks, techniques and habits, as well as changes to your lifestyle, diet and behaviour that can help you flex your grey matter and get the best out of your brain cells. We Gather Together For many reasons we hear about community: podcasting communities, learning communities, online communities. Where are these communities going? What are the elements? (With Podcast) New study supports use of humor in online courses "We did not expect to find differences in performance and we did not find differences in performance, because our view is that humor itself is not some learning potion," Shatz said. "Humor is more of a social lubricant. It can facilitate interactions, and that is exactly what we found." Full Spectrum Warrior debate Some people are criticizing the US Army's involvement with the computer game Full Spectrum Warrior. Peripheral vision and ambient knowledge We filter incoming data (typically processing about 10% of available inputs) and perform intuitive pattern matching to make sense of a situation.

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