Knowledge and Learning In The News - 02/18/2007

February 18, 2007

The Numbers Behind Informal & Formal Learning - The Learning Circuits Blog
We are using the government's term of informal and formal learning -- if the money invested in learning falls under a training department's budget, it is counted as formal learning; if it falls only under payroll, then it is being counted as informal learning.

The Big Question - Learning Matters
The workplace is where learning happens. Furthermore, the work context itself it is where the motivation to learn or "teachable moment" becomes manifest (i.e. Oh crap I need to do this and I don't know how. . . let me Google it real quick).

Growing, changing, learning, creating - Harold Jarche
The conversation around informal learning has been heating up a bit lately, with Stephen Downes' critique of Jay Cross' mixer analogy, as well as Bill Brantley's attack on the entire book.

The more we learn about the world and the deeper our learning, the more conscious, specific and articulate will be our knowledge of what we do not know, our knowledge of our ignorance. - Karl Popper Quote of the Day

Thoughts on HR and Creating a Culture of Innovation Within Companies - Workforce
"One problem in writing about HR and innovation is that HR people are the least creative people in the organization. HR is into rules. They are the ones who say, 'No, you can't break this rule.' This, of course, is the opposite of building a culture of creativity."

A Librarian's 2.0 Manifesto - Laura Cohen
Imagine this being a learning manifesto. Note that the video does contain brief nudity.

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