Knowledge and Learning In The News - 02/10/2007

Quote of the Day - Dave Snowden in the discussion group, Communities of Practice.
On deconstructing stories by explaining their meaning to gain trust -- "People are not stupid, they know when they are 'being told a story'. They prefer to synthesis raw material with their own context to create meaning and with that comes trust."

New Research Challenges Assumptions about Age, Emotional Intelligence - Chief Learning Officer
"We hypothesize that as people grow, they have more opportunity to learn about emotions and the gradations of emotions, increase emotional vocabulary and experience more and more varied life situations," Fariselli said. "Perhaps they accumulate more feedback and integrate this into greater self-awareness."

Students Who Believe Intelligence Can Be Developed Perform Better - Science Daily
Sudents who believed their intelligence could be developed placed a higher premium on learning, believed more in the power of effort, and had more constructive reactions to setbacks in school.

U.S. Organizations Spend $109.25 Billion on Employee Learning Annually, Says ASTD Report - learning Circuits
Employee learning and development is taking center stage as business leaders increasingly understand that a highly skilled, knowledgeable workforce is critical to achieving growth and success.

A review of knowledge management tools & techniques - theandb
Knowledge-management tools to organize, share and collaborate with others in business and private life.

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