Knowledge and Learning In The News - 02/17/2007

Quote of the Day - by Bev Trayner in Phronesis
... the more work I do for online communities of practice, the more I have to meet people face-to-face.

Toward a Theory of Discontent: What can learning theory contribute to education? - Thoughts on learning, teaching, and computing
Bereiter ultimately wrestles with a question that is quite important in terms of explaining learning: How do people acquire knowledge that is more complex than what they already have? In other words, how do we learn things that are difficult to learn?

Identity 2.0 - Dick Hardt
This link is more about the presentation itself, rathen the content (Identy 2.0). I have heard on a few occasions that no more than 10 slides should used in a good presentation, yet this one uses far more and it is great! I also like the use of a simple white background, rather than the standard picture backgrounds that are used in most slide presentations -- it really makes the content pop-out at you, rather than being buried in a template of colors.

Innovation: "Geography is Destiny" - New Florence. New Renaissance.
C. Pascal Zackary who teaches at Stanford writes in NY Times about how Silicon Valley has bounced back with Google, Apple, Netflix and others leading global innovation. Clearly the Valley has overwhelming advantages, with enough VCs, angels, tech alums etc to keep nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Alternative Training: What Does a PSS Do? - Training Magazine
Training magazine asked Ted Gannan, CEO of Panviva, and developer of SupportPoint, to answer five frequently asked questions about whether a PSS is right for your company.

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