Knowledge and Learning In The News - 02/05/2007

SAT 2.0 - Around the Corner v2
The power of self-motivated learners is finding knowledge in unlikely places. Side note - you can read the Demos study, "Their Space" that is cited in the post here.

Out of Context - Training Day
Most of us aren't aware of how powerful our surroundings and situation are in driving our behavior. How do you behave around your parents, spouse, children, clergy, old roommates, solicitors, etc.? You are a number of different people--ri ght?

Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us - YouTube
A video response to Web 2.0. Via Informal Learning Blog.

Take back the monoculture metaphor - How the World Works
It's time for biodiversity advocates to reclaim the metaphor. The example of Microsoft in Korea shows how one bad decision a decade ago leads to unpredictable trouble years later, and how a profusion of operating systems, or interacting plants and animals, could be healthier for everyone than lonely dependence on just one. More complexity equals better. Via How to Save the World.

Moving into the long tail - growing changing learning creating
Challenges faced by the big providers and buyers of adult education.

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