Collecting Knowledge and Learning - 02/27/2007

Gen C - Creative Generalist
Defining a generation that's not defined by age but rather by activity. Empowered, participative, and thriving on inter-relationships.

Gone Fischin' - dangerously irrelevant
A PowerPoint presentation (NOT the normal bullet-ridden kind) with some thought-provoking ideas about the world our learners are entering.

Cynicism and the Propaganda of KM - Green Chameleon
I just don't get it. Bloggers whose views I otherwise respect have been waxing lyrical about a slew of IBM and Lotus videos on KM released onto YouTube. One (original video here) in particular, made by Lotus in 2000 (back when KM was still chic) particularly gets my goat.

IT Confidential: What Web 2.0 Will Mean For Workforce 2.0 - InformationWeek
How will the way college students use Web 2.0 technologies affect corporate computing?

HTML Tags illustrated - haha.nu
Don't just make lists, rather give them some depth with pictures.

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