Knowledge and Learning In The News - 9/10/2006

Mobile Internet Population Grows - ClickZ
The mobile Internet is growing, with over 34.6 million mobile users in June. That's according to the "U.S. Device Census Report for Q2 2006" from Telephia.

Building Partnerships Inside and Outside the Organization - Leader Values
Why the leader of the future will need to be a builder of partnerships. Six different types of partnerships will be explored: three inside the organization (direct reports, co-workers and managers) and three outside the organization (customers, suppliers and competitors).

Writely or Wrongly, a Failing Grade, So Far, for a Promising Tool - Dave Pollard
The collective work-product of Writely, like that of most wiki tools, is truly ugly unless some uber-editor comes in and does clean-up work. Same is true in my experience with eRooms, Lotus TeamRooms, and Groove.

A world of knowledge - Edmonton Journal
The nature -- and depth -- of what encyclopedias offer has evolved in the computer age. While old encyclopedias gather dust, the digital side of worldly knowledge is going through changes, too.

If You Really Want the Job, Read This - Business Week
From the obvious to the subtle, here are some good pointers to give you a leg up in that next interview. Includes slideshow.

Who invented e-learning? A patent dispute shakes up academic computing - chron.com
Critics say the patent claims nothing less than Blackboard's ownership of the very idea of e-learning. If allowed to stand, they say, it could quash the cooperation between academia and the private sector that has characterized e-learning for years and explains why virtual classrooms are so much better than they used to be. For more info, see Stephen's Web.

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