Knowledge and Learning In The News - 9/25/2006

The Skinny On Web 2.0 - Infomation Week
Web 2.0 is all the Web sites out there that get their value from the actions of users.

Techies hot on concept of 'wisdom of crowds,' but it has some pitfalls - USA Today
Internet types love sweeping ideas that come in the form of book titles that morph into catchphrases that can be dropped like little bombs into conversations to show how smart they are.

5 (Really) Hard Things about Using the Internet in Higher Education - eLearn Magazine
Using the Internet as an educational tool can be really hard—and it is not clear that things will get much easier in the near term. This article identifies five particular things that have particularly vexed my colleagues and me when using the Internet in our undergraduate and graduate classes.

Preserving the print metaphor - Howard Owens
Newspaper Web sites should not think of themselves as newspaper Web sites. They should forget the print product even exists, and concentrate on constant and continuous, Web-first, written-for-the-Web stories.

15 World-Widening Years - Information Week
In just 15 years, the World Wide Web has gone through many iterations: document-sharing tool for researchers, key source of news and information, shopping mecca, multimedia playground, and incredibly popular means of socializing and self-expression. How did the Web get so far so fast?

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