Knowledge and Learning In The News - 9/26/2006

Modelling Excellence - A Lesson For HR In China - Online Recruitment
The video takes an arrangement of Pachebel's Canon in D and really pushes it to the limit. Jimmy Hendrix he is not. He's actually better.

Q & A with an Innovative Operator - MS Executive Circle
When I worked at [American Airlines subsidiary] Sabre, I spent $1 million on a CD-ROM project that failed. I was sure I would be fired. Instead, my boss said 'what did you learn? Let's sit down and talk about how not to do it again.'

Thoughts on Leadership Development - Gautam Ghosh
Business Leadership can be developed along three axes: Business, Functional, and Technical.

The Neuroscience of Leadership and Brain Fitness - SharpBrains
Leaders would benefit from engaging others in ways based on innate brain predispositions.

Buzzwords say all the wrong things - Signal vs. Noise
Buzzwords are often a mask. People who use them are covering up their ideas - or the lack thereof. They are overcompensating. They don't have anything substantial to say so they try to use impressive sounding words instead.

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