Knowledge and Learning In The News - 9/28/2006

The New Science of Change - CIO
Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get people to alter the way they do things. New research reveals why it's so hard and suggests strategies to make it easier.

The Principals of Play - Metropolis
"At the time I was working on issues of language and literacy in education, and also the learning of content like math and science, where things get pretty complicated," Gee says. "I was struck by the fact that games are very complex, and often long and difficult. I wondered why kids spend so much time on tasks in these problem-solving spaces yet we have so much trouble getting them to do the same thing at school."

Picture Books - Learning Circuits
If the visual carries the same narrative weight as the text itself, then it often becomes superfluous, and if it replaces the text, then it almost seems to become a shorthand for language itself.

Ethics and Mobile Learning: Should We Worry? - e-Learning Queen
As a student, instructor, or e-learning institution administrator, are there ethical issues in mobile learning? If so, are they the same as ones one might expect in e-learning?

The Mobile Phone is a Knowledge Retention Tool - Green Chameleon
Should KM look for ways to keep connections intact when people leave the organization so that the knowledge is still fairly accessible, rather than to collect it all when they are around?

Danah Boyd on social networks - ibiblio
Danah Boyd, in a video, gives an in-depth talk on social networks and why people are using them.

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