knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/20/2006

50 ways to become a better designer - Computer Arts
What is design? Design is both the process and the final product of an endeavour to fulfil a personal or professional brief. Whether you are creating a piece of graphic work, a website, or a design for a new product, the underlying principal is the same - the creative process is everything.

Folksonomies: A User-Driven Approach to Organizing Content - UI
Folksonomies, a new user-driven approach to organizing information, may help alleviate some of the challenges of taxonomies. Sites with folksonomies include two basic capabilities: they let users add "tags" to information and they create navigational links out of those tags to help users find and organize that information later.

Way Back Machine
Enter the URL in the search field and then click the "Take Me Back" button. The Way Back Machine can be pretty interesting at times as it allows you to see the growth of a website by clicking on the various archived links; and of course allows you to view dead links. However, note that when you click on one of the archived page links, that it takes you to another archived page. To get the original page, cut away the first part of the link.

The Internet is old news and boring.. Deal with it - Blog Maverick
The Internet is Boring. Its old news. (via Will Thalheimer)

Hellodeo Record video, get code, then play it on the web. (via Stephen Downes)

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