knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/07/2006

Knowledge and its price - Sign and Sight
We live in a knowledge society, but it knows very little about itself. Information technologies allow us to organise knowledge faster than ever, yet we are regularly warned that we are losing touch of knowledge.

Building blocks of knowledge - Knowledge at Work
At the heart of knowledge creation lies conversation, shared language, agreement on key distinctions, naming of prime concepts, sharing of experiences or beliefs, the explication and testing of patterns.

50 Popular Science Blogs - Nature
While the top 5 science blogs are listed here.

The imagination economy - CNN & FORTUNE Magazine
The problem is that Americans' pay isn't going up. That's remarkable because the economy is booming - growth is strong, unemployment low, productivity rising smartly. Yet the latest figures show that the broadest index of pay (inflation-adjusted wages, salaries, benefits) is no higher than it was at the end of 2003. (via Gautam Ghosh)

Blue Dot is not just another social bookmarking system - TechCrunch
Blue Dot -- social network or social discovery?

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