knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/11/2006

Understanding Technology as Knowledge and Culture - Knowledge Board
This paper is about knowledge management, and it is about technology and innovation, its about technology as the knowledge of the operations of complex adaptive systems, but most of all its about making a new start, with a fresh new paradigmatic framework drawn from a little explored aspect of complexity science, the part Capra has referred to as the systems theories of life.

Friendster and Social Network Patent - blaugh
Millions of fans poured into the streets in celebration late last week, when the social networking megasite Friendster.com was awarded a patent on managing real-life relationships. Until now, relationships have been difficult to maintain.

The Mysterious Power of Context - Design Observer (via elearningpost)
More than anything, we want to proffer the promise of control: the control of communication, the control of meaning. To admit the truth - that so much is out of our hands - marginalizes our power to the point where it seems positively self-destructive.

Your Guide to RSS - Media Shift
You've probably seen the letters "RSS" or the orange icon at the left on your favorite blogs or news sites and wondered what it was for. RSS is a format and a process for syndicating web content.

Research Shows Handheld Computers in Classrooms Enhance Student Achievement - GoKnow Learning
According to both Soloway and Norris, the research shows that in the first year of the study, handheld computer groups did 2 percent better than non-handheld groups. In the second year, handheld groups performed 13 percent better in science than non-handheld groups.

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