knowledge and Learning In The News - 7/10/2006

Brain May Be Hard-Wired to Track Team Sports - CBC News
Without the help of color, the human brain can't pay attention to more than three moving objects at once, concluded a team of neurological researchers reporting in the July issue of Psychological Science.

Completing the Zen in Performance Management - Donald Clark
A focus on four aspects on managing the human side of performance management: learning, reframing, flowing, and viscosity.

How To Manage 125,000 Employees - Forbes
Last year, someone gave Ballard a copy of The Cluetrain Manifesto, and she hasn't stopped talking about it. The book opened her eyes to the power of blogging to reshape business.

People Power - Wired (via The Open Learner)
First, steam power replaced muscle power and launched the Industrial Revolution. Then Henry Ford's assembly line, along with advances in steel and plastic, ushered in the Second Industrial Revolution. Next came silicon and the Information Age. Each era was fueled by a faster, cheaper, and more widely available method of production that kicked efficiency to the next level and transformed the world.

How Much Difference Does a Generation Make? - How to Save the World
We can reach the stars, we can live forever. We can create technologies, extensions of our brains, that transcend all 'real'-world limits. We just need to want to do it, and it will be done.

Video Comments, a WordPress Plugin - ITP Research
Audio and video blogs are forming communities and to encourage conversation the viewers must be able to respond, so we developed a plug-in for WordPress called Video Comments.

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