Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/08/2006

Why Workers Are Reluctant to Share Their Knowledge - News Wise
Knowledge sharing is often one of the most troubling issues facing employers and they keep trying to develop effective ways to encourage employees to share what they have learned on their jobs. It remains a difficult goal. Companies consider knowledge acquired on the job as belonging to the organization and it is critical that it be shared. But often employees do not see it that way.

Wikis, Blogs and Other Points of Failure - Intelligent Enterprise
We live in an information age that has gotten long on information and short on attribution and verification. I blame not the Internet so much as the gullibility of a society that has transferred a sycophantic trust in the printed word to a similar trust in the pixelated word. For too many people, if it's on the Internet, it must be true — common sense and access to the Internet's own powerful tools for verification notwithstanding.

The call and challenge of leadership - The Jamaica Observer
There is no activity so mysterious or majestic as that of a leader overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds, making tough decisions in the face of mortal danger, enduring corrosive criticism, ruthlessly jettisoning friends and foe alike but in the end emerging vindicated by history, the final arbiter of human affairs.

Moral Leadership: A Pipedream? - Leader Values
Sexual harassment is lower, diversity is greater, and possibly product quality is better. But on a day-to-day basis I still see poor behavior on the part of leaders at all levels, behavior that I characterize as immoral.

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