Knowledge and Learning In The News - 3/26/2006

iPod 301: Advanced Applications of Your MP3 Player - Fast Company
Now it's iPods on campus that make me envious of students today. Not for tuning out a mind-numbing lecture but for tuning in the subject matter outside of class. When the fashionable white earbuds showed up at Georgia College & State University, administrators saw an opportunity for innovation.

Find a Need & Fill It, Using Iteration & the Wisdom of Crowds - Dave Pollard
A recent article in Business Week describes the importance of getting your new technology product approximately right fast, and fine tuning it once it's out in the market. Traditional product developers would be aghast at such an idea, since it sounds hasty and unprofessional.

iPods Let Students Crack Books on the Go - Tech News World
"There is no substitute for the energy exchanged one-on-one in a living classroom," says Dave Collins, a marketing lecturer at the University of Northern Iowa. "I would compare it to listening to a CD or podcast of Dave Matthews as opposed to being at a concert

Are kids too plugged in? - CNN
Although multitasking kids may be better prepared in some ways for today's frenzied workplace, many cognitive scientists are positively alarmed by the trend. "Kids that are instant messaging while doing homework, playing games online and watching TV, I predict, aren't going to do well in the long run," says Jordan Grafman, chief of the cognitive neuroscience section at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

Personal Learning for Learning Professionals - Using Web 2.0 Tools to Make Reading & Research More Effective - Tony Karrer
Unfortunately, there seems to be a little information that really helps us understand how we can take control of our personal learning more effectively.

Open, but not as usual - Economist
As open-source models move beyond software into other businesses, their limitations are becoming apparent

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