Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/22/2006

Does Web 2.0 guarantee Enterprise 2.0? - Andrew McAfee
Managers, professionals and other employees don't have much spare time, and the ones who have the most valuable business knowledge have the least spare time of all. (They're the ones already inundated with emails, instant messages, phone calls, and meeting requests.) Will they turn into avid bloggers and taggers and wiki-writers? It's not impossible, but it's a long way from a sure bet."

Why face-to-face still matters! - Kathy Sierra
We all are aware of the notion that most of the information we get in a face-to-face communication is NOT from the words themselves, but rather from body language, facial expression, and tone of voice.

The future - Paul Gillin's blog - Social Media and the Open Enterprise
Social media (mainly blogs and wikis) today is uncannily similar to the Internet of a decade ago: there’s intense user activity, with growth rates of more than 100% per year.

Wiki of Fortune 500 Companies that are Blogging
27 (5.4%) of the Fortune 500 are blogging as of 4/4/06"

Unnecessary Innovation? - Fast Company
The judges on American Inventor shot this fellow down -- watch how quickly their expressions shifted from amusement to near-disdain -- but I wonder: Perhaps the Therapy Buddy is a good idea?

Was Sculley Right to Shoehorn Jobs Out of Apple? - Lockergnome
While a well known fact that Jobs is a very difficult person to work with, did Sculley make the right move? Stripping the very man that made the Apple I, Apple II, and Macintosh reality from the dreams of Wozniak and other talented engineers may have been going a bit over board. Or was it?

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