Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/25/2006

Podcasting isn't made for most people - USA Today
he rise of MP3s changed the music industry. Blogs changed how we look at and read the news. Viral-video sites such as YouTube mean never missing another funny moment. Sites like Flickr have taken over from the coffee-table album as the way we share our photos. After all that, we thought podcasting was going to change radio.

Talking up KM - Denham Grey
Knowledge is more than implicit and tacit stuff below the waterline. For me, knowledge is also sense-making, practical solutions, awareness, emergent and ephemeral. The key is not the difference between information / data and knowledge but what you do with this distinction.

Social Networks Save the Day - Data Mining
I recently came across the work of Jeffrey Heer and Danah Boyd who have been working on social network visualization.

Millennials make their mark - Seattle PI
As a group, Millennials -- the generation born between 1981 and 1999 -- are characterized as confident, hardworking and technologically fluent but lacking the resourcefulness, independence and, in some cases, basic literacy skills that marked earlier generations, workplace experts said.

The Experience Designer Network (EDN) and some great thoughts on learning - e-clippings
Learning cannot be adequately explored through the lens of a single expertise.

E-learning languishes in the classroom - The Australian
"[Digital technology] has had more impact on administrative services such as admissions, registration, fee payment and purchasing than on the fundamentals of classroom teaching and learning," the OECD says in a policy brief.

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