Knowledge and Learning In The News - 4/29/2006

The world is changed.- Galadriel (J.R.R. Tolkien)

April 29, 2006

The Value of Social Tagging in a Corporate Setting - Taxocop
These tags are a fantastic resource - user warrant - for keeping the controlled vocabularies up-to-date. They provide us feedback we could get no other way. Given the ease with which people can tag things – and yes, we could argue about whether there should be some cognitive burden for quality's sake - we gain a unique insight via this process."

Personal Knowledge Management Tools Ready For Enterprise Use - Robin Good
Personal knowledge management tools such as weblogs, wikis and online messaging systems are creating easily accessed knowledge on the fly with simple features and rapidly implemented structure to get communities of peers surfacing answers and collective insights for critical issues.

BBC Program Catalog - BBC
This experimental catalogue database holds over 900,000 entries. It is a sub-set of the data from the internal BBC database created and maintained by the BBC’s Information and Archives department.

The Simplicity Cycle - Change This
Most cliches find their origin in truth, and "less is more" is one that rings true whether we are discussing a new marketing piece swimming with text and graphics or an ice cream sundae swimming in, well, just never add a dollop of strawberry sauce over the chocolate, caramel and those multi-colored jimmies.

GIs Shoot Footage for New War Doc - Wired
The film is another example of participatory journalism, Smith said, made possible by cheap cameras and the growing number of people who know how to use them.

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