Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/30/2005

Free Mind Mapping Software Open Source mind mapping tool. About mind maps. Tag: Review: Everything Bad is Good for You - Slashdot In, Everything Bad Is Good For You, Steven Johnson tries to convince the reader that video games, television and the Internet are good for us, despite critics who talk about "vast Wastelands" and "infantilized societies". The book raises interesting questions, but in the end is a lightweight analysis that is better for engendering sound bites on NPR and The Daily Show than for convincing serious readers. Tag: What exactly is the role of podcasting in knowledge work? - Denham Grey The place, value and importance of podcasting is still emerging within PKM and corporate KM. Tags: Re-appraising Emotional Intelligence - Training Journal Does EI really exist? (No, not really. It is a rather loose collection of concepts.) Is EI important for learning? (Hmm… the assumption that if you feel good, you learn good is a gross oversimplification.) Tag Forbes "Attack of the Blogs" is surprisingly accurate - Dave Taylor This article is deliberately going to take the opposite tack to the vast majority of bloggers who are, predictably, jumping to the defense of the blogosphere after Forbes Magazine published a feature by Daniel Lyons entitled Attack of the Blogs. Tags:

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