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What would I see if I rode on a beam of light? - Donald Clark Traditional learning systems have typically been centralized and operate on the principle that learners are unable to decide what they need to learn, thus the system does it for them, which in turn creates a vicious cycle -- put the learners in a system that does very little to encourage critical thinking, formal reasoning, or meta-learning; then tell them they are unable to decide what they need to learn, thus others will have do it for them. Einstein's big idea: The Legacy of E = mc2 Einstein's big idea has been enormously influential, in ways that reach far beyond the purely scientific. Airs on PBS October 11, 2005 - Check local listings Knowledge Economy: Are we ready to capitalise on it? - eGov Monitor The "Knowledge Economy" is driven by high technology and is global in dimension. KM waves - more of the same? - Denham Grey Dave Pollard reviews KM paradigms in this thoughtful post that I somehow missed. He sees a paradigm shift from 1st to 2nd generation. A History of Apple's Lisa, 1979-1986 - Orchard The Lisa was first envisioned as a brand new business computer to succeed the very popular Apple II, and it was to be designed by Steve Wozniak. The project was quickly turned over to Ken Rothmuller, a former HP director, as Wozniak drifted away from Apple.

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