Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/02/2005

Improving Learning and Cutting Costs - Inside Higher Ed There is now proof that colleges and universities can improve student learning while reducing instructional costs. Tags: Visualizing Better Human-Computer Interaction - UCLA When computers and people communicate, something is often lost in the translation. Essentially, computers don't know how we think. UC Berkeley computer scientist Maneesh Agrawala is helping bridge the gap. Tags: Complex Systems - The Northwestern Institute Complex systems can be identified by what they do - display organization without a central organizing principle Tag: The True Meaning Of Leadership - The Day Rosa Parks' single act of courage and commitment shows us that the best form of leadership can come from within. Tags The Social Networking Landscape - Dave Pollard Because they are so easy to build, there is a temptation to design Social Software to provide many Social Networking and Knowledge Management functions in a single tool. The consequence, often, is an over-engineered, unintuitive, overwhelming product. Tag:

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