Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/27/2005

Web 2.0 Cracks Start to Show - Wired The debate revolves around the cracks that are starting to appear in Web 2.0, a term coined by O'Reilly Media Vice President Dale Dougherty to describe a post-dot-com generation of sites and services that use the web as a platform -- things like Flickr, BitTorrent, tagging and RSS syndication. Language and the 'Otherness' of the Environment - Dave Pollard We can only think what our embodied brains permit and our brains work by analogy. Your brain knows more than you think - Web India Although behavioral performance is generally accepted to reliably reflect knowledge, it is heavily influenced in the laboratory and in the real world by other factors, such as motivation, attention and environmental distractions. Thus behavior may vary, but knowledge endures. Where The Brain Combines What's Heard And Felt - Science Daily When sense perceptions from various sense organs are processed in the brain, this information is integrated - for example, when we are watching a ventriloquist, our brain combines information pertaining to both language and vision.

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