Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/17/2005

E-learning 2.0 - Stephen Downes eLearning will shift from being a medium in which information is transmitted and consumed into a platform on which content is created, shared, remixed, repurposed, and passed along. Why Google's Business Model is So Revolutionary - Dave Pollard Recently Google discovered there's a third great source of revenue in today's wildly inflated and delusional stock market: IPOs. I'm convinced that, more than anything else, Google went public because it gave them a ton of cash to do even more things for free for their customers -- which is exactly what they've done since then, offering a never-ending stream of wonderful goodies. The Net Generation Goes to College - The Chronicle of Higher Education Change your teaching style. Make blogs, iPods, and video games part of your pedagogy. And learn to accept divided attention spans. A new generation of students has arrived -- and sorry, but they might not want to hear you lecture for an hour.

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