Knowledge and Learning In The News - 10/01/2005

Distributed Leadership in the E-Learning Organization - Stephen Downes I think Susan Smith Nash's exploration of the subject of leadership and organization is useful, but it seems to me that business writers still haven't grasped what post-industrial organization looks like. What Makes a Good Leader? - CLO The qualities that make an effective leader have two distinct perspectives: what followers look for and what research from the past few decades has shown. Innovative Practice with e-Learning - Joint Information Systems Committee Imagine how interactions in a classroom change when both practitioners and learners have in their hands, and in their control, immediate access to information, learning materials and a range of administrative and support functions. Our Impoverished View of Educational Reform - David C. Berliner The effects of high-stakes testing on curriculum, instruction, school personnel, and student achievement studies performed by Nichols, Glass, & Berliner. Additional links: SA.com, Joe Thomas, Susan Ohanian. The Trend Spotter: Tim O'Reilly - Wired O'Reilly books tend to colonize entire sections at Borders and Barnes & Noble, their distinctive cover design as recognizable as the Tide circle on a box of detergent or the Apple logo on the lid of a PowerBook.

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