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My twitter mosaic

Twitter Followers Vis-A-Vis Mosaic Collage - Twitter Mosaic

A clever and useful way of viewing and clicking on your followers on Twitter. Via (e)Learning 2.0 & Beyond.

10 Ways Social Media will Change in 2009 - Read Write Web

"Social media" was the term du jour in 2008. Consumers, companies, and marketers were all talking about it. We have social media gurus, social media startups, social media books, and social media firms. It is now common practice among corporations to hire social media strategists, assign community managers, and launch social media campaigns, all designed to tap into the power of social media.

But social media today is a pure mess: it has become a collection of countless features, tools, and applications fighting for a piece of the pie.

50 Useful Design Tools For Beautiful Web Typography - Smashing Magazine

Typography is elegant when it is attractive and communicates the designer's ideas. When chosen wisely and used carefully, it can be very effective in supporting the overall design. Designers are always exploring different techniques with type: some use images or sIFR to produce very beautiful typography, while others prefer CSS alone to get the typography just right.

Color Scheme Designer - Petr Stanicek

Primary Color:

#2C17B1 #3A2E85 #160773 #5E4BD8 #7F71D8

2009 Color Predictions - Colour Lovers

Since Pantone recently selected their color of the year, Mimosa, and their spring fashion color predictions have been out for a while, i thought it was time to have a look at what their predictions looked like and check in with the current trends here at COLOURlovers.

Brightly Colored Uniforms Boost Employee Morale - The Onion

Though the new uniform policy has been in effect less than a week, it has already had a significant positive impact on job satisfaction. Experts attribute this rise in employee morale to the special feeling of belonging engendered by the uniform, which helps make workers feel like they're not just doing a job, but acting as part of a team.

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Unknown said...

Very interesting post on social media tools. I did my own Mosaic and it was neat to see. Also very interested to see how/ what changes happen in the coming year.