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It's a Plastic World

Video Training: Topics & Trends (PDF) - Wistia

Survey on using video in learning processes: Collective responses suggest that the value of video will be greater, and use of video will increase, when:
  • Creating video becomes easier and less costly
  • Sharing becomes secure and auditable
  • Engagement can be measured in detail

Meetings Are a Matter of Precious Time - New York Times

But, please, don't just call a meeting and hope the magic happens. Take charge and take personal responsibility for meeting its objectives, whatever they are.

Watch out Wikipedia, here comes Britannica 2.0 - Fairfax Digital

In a move to take on Wikipedia, the Encyclopedia Britannica is inviting the hoi polloi to edit, enhance and contribute to its online version. Any changes or additions made to Britannica entries online would have to be vetted by one of the company's staff or freelance editors before the changes were reflected on the live site. The encyclopedia had set a benchmark of a 20-minute turnaround to update the site with user-submitted edits to existing articles, which are written by the encyclopedia's paid expert contributors.

All hail the information triumvirate! - Nicholas Carr

Wikipedia's dominance of Google searches:
  • World War II: #1
  • Israel: #1
  • George Washington: #1
  • Genome: #1
  • Agriculture: #1
  • Herman Melville: #1
  • Internet: #1
  • Magna Carta: #1
  • Evolution: #1
  • Epilepsy: #1

HOW TO: Use Twitter on the Go - Mashable

How to be a power Twitter user on any mobile device with a browser, and how to post your tweets safely and hands free while on the go.

Social Media "Experts" are the Cancer of Twitter (and Must Be Stopped) - Fanboy

Nearly a day goes by on Twitter without yet another social media "expert" choosing to stalk me. At first it started innocently - back in the day (about a year ago) various techie friends started to declare themselves social media gurus because they decided to hang out on Twitter and Facebook all day. And now an army of their offspring monitor Summize in search of human flesh.

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