TRDEV-L, the Training Development list created by Dr. David Passmore of Penn State in 1990, is renewed and is now up and running. It was shutdown after a ten-year run and immediately replaced by TRDEV, the Training and Development Discussion Group on Yahoo, in October 2000.

I joined TRDEV-L in the mid-nineties after hearing it was considered one of the premiere discussion groups, even by people outside the training and learning field. When TRDEV-L shutdown I immediately joined its baby sister - TRDEV. Now, after almost a nine-year run, TRDEV is shuting down. It saddened me to see it shut down, but my spirit is now raised by seeing that the old TRDEV-L is now replacing it.

While some people called the two lists as sometimes being combative, argumentive, and even quirky; the discussions always provided a wealth of knowledge about training, learning, and related subjects. As Dr. Passmore has always said, "the marketplace for good ideas eventually will win out."

To subscribe to TRDEV-L (the original Penn State list), send an email to:
and include the following, and only the following, in the body of the message:

Once you have received a confirmation email, you can post to:


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Doug Marlowe said...

I have started a TRDEV group at Linkedin. www.linkedin.com > search groups TRDEV.

See you there.

Doug Marlowe