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The Dead Leaves of Winter

Franchisees Benefit from Learning 2.0 at Zaxby's - Chain Leader

Over the last two years, Zaxby's has developed a franchisee training program integrating classroom, on-the-job and Web-based training that allows trainees to learn at their own pace and creates a more collaborative, flexible learning environment.

Switchboard In The Brain Helps Us Learn And Remember At The Same Time - Science Daily

The healthy brain is in a constant struggle between learning new experiences and remembering old experiences. Brain researchers now provide the first clear evidence supporting a competition between learning and remembering. Their findings also suggest that one brain region can resolve the conflict by improving the rapid switch between learning and remembering.

In support of a memory competition, the surprise test showed that learning the pictures is much more difficult when simultaneously remembering a word. At the same time, learning the pictures becomes easier when a word is forgotten.

The Social Value of Twitter - Nussbaum On Design

Twitter and other social media are developing into enormous tools of innovation - if you have the ability to listen, learn and adapt. These have always been core competencies for designers. Now they must become core competencies for everyone.

Starbucks' CIO tells how he picks new hires - Computer World

Most IT managers' first hires are programmers or tech support specialists. But not Stephen Gillett, the new CIO at Starbucks. The first person he ever hired as an IT leader was a chief financial officer who became his boss. Talk about trial by fire.

Why does my voice sound so different when it is recorded and played back? - Scientific American

When you speak, sound energy spreads in the air around you and reaches your cochlea through your external ear by air conduction. Sound also travels from your vocal cords and other structures directly to the cochlea, but the mechanical properties of your head enhance its deeper, lower-frequency vibrations. The voice you hear when you speak is the combination of sound carried along both paths.

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