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From Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives to Digital Wisdom - Innovate

Digital wisdom is a twofold concept, referring both to wisdom arising from the use of digital technology to access cognitive power beyond our innate capacity and to wisdom in the prudent use of technology to enhance our capabilities.

It Only Took HOW Long? -Duthie earning

We've ended up with 78 minutes of what could be argued is elearning content for doctors. Total production time? 11.9 hours. Run the math and it comes to 9.15 hours' development time per hour of finished 'seat time,' roughly 9:1. Compare this to high production value, interactive elearning, which generally takes 200-300 hours per hour (200:1 to 300:1).

The trouble is that the doctors each spent (in my estimate) 5-10 hours apiece preparing their slides and narrations.


Listen in on the social media conversations of any topic you're interested in. The above link will take you to the latest converstaions on eLearning. Don't like that one -- try this one.

Two Strands of Connectionism - The Technium

One strand of massive connectionism is currently called social media. The other strand of massive connectionism relies on a massive number of machines. This new territory can best be illustrated by the far-right top extreme where both sides meet in the center - the area where we have maximum machine connection and maximum human connection. This overlap or convergence space would be the emerging global superorganism.

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