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More on "Why don't we read so well on a screen?" - Innovations Report

Reading on a screen gives us more brain stress than reading the same text on paper. Clicking and scrolling interrupt our attentional focus. Turning and touching the pages instead of clicking on the screen influence our ability for experience and attention.

Formal vs. Informal Learning in 3 Learning Contexts - The Pursuing Performance Blog

Guy Wallace writes:
  • Personal Learning - for any personal interest or hobby - anything (in my definition - or is that iDefinition?) that does not lead to earning a living. From learning for the sake of learning for pure personal pleasure - to learning with very specific goals, such as learning to scuba dive.
  • Educational Learning - for learning within an educational institution for expanding knowledge to applying knowledge - and "to learn to earn" in current applications of knowledge. Includes both Formal and Informal Learning.
  • Enterprise Learning - for learning with a purpose and a return on the investment in mind - including general knowledge and skills, to very targeted performance capability development/ assurance.
Where Informal Learning makes sense - use it. But that is less-so in an Enterprise Context - except for the very advanced learners/Performers. Those 15%-ers. That's what research suggests is the % of people who can learn out of context and apply it to a different context. That means that 85% cannot learn out of context and then apply it.

Q: And what do you do? A: I'm a cloudworker - Janet Clarey

The way I see it, you've got two types of information workers at your organization. You've got 'cloudworkers' who will define what they need. . . The rest of your learners (and many managers) seek (and are use to) clarification (although there are probably a few that aren't even seeking that - just practicing on-the-job retirement or hating their jobs).

Anyone Can Be a Web Designer - CenterNetworks

Interesting quote from Allen Stern:
It's these type of "fly by night" designers (or developers, marketers, etc.) that will slowly erode the industry as a whole and make it harder for talented professionals to get work.
I think that there is also some fear amoung learning designers that these new tools will also erode their industry, but great learning designers will always be needed.

$20 Billion Company CEO... Takes the Bus - Evolving Excellence

With all the talk of corporate jets and massive bonuses for the CEO's of failing companies, here's a jolt of true leadership inspiration.

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Thanks for the link... to some extent, no matter how good any tools get, there will always be a need for professionals.