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Using Competency Models to Target Training Needs: Lessons Learned - ASTD

Josh Bersin explains:
Our research proves that organizations that use a leadership competency model are three to four times more effective, and sometimes as much as six times more effective, than companies that don't use models. Yet we have found that fewer than 20 percent of companies use this more effective, integrated approach.

100 Terrific Mindhacks to Make the Most of Your Brain - Find Schools

Your mind is a powerful thing, but it's often limited by things like fear, habit, and poor health. However, there are a number of ways to improve the way you use your mind.

Training in the 21st Century: Everything Old Is New Again - Chief Learning Officer

Ed Cohen writes on "Where the Rubber Meets the Road:"
In many ways, the ability to link learning interventions to a company's strategic objectives represents the epitome of training's aspirations. If a CLO can point to the metrics that show training's impacts on those objectives, so much the better - for both his budget and people.
Christmas Tree

Experiential Learning at a Distance - Training Magazine

Jacob Stoller notes:
Distance learning often is seen as a compromise in which the intimacy of the in-person classroom is sacrificed for the low cost and convenience of online methods. The medium, however, can provide some unique advantages. One of them is privacy, which allows learners to venture outside of their comfort zone without fear of making a bad impression.

Definition of Twitter - maverickwoman

"Twitter is breathing the news as it happens and raising the wisdom of the crowds 140 characters at a time." Found on twitter (Twitterrific to be more specific).

The truth about SharePoint - KM World

SharePoint promises a number of services (even more than its so-call "six pillars"), but it doesn't necessarily deliver on all those promises to the extent customers hope or expect.

Christopher Alexander's The Nature of Order - Later On

One important idea is to go to the site and look at it and its surroundings, and situate the structure to take advantage of the site. (via Signal vs. Noise)
As a Learning Designer, do you go to the site to ensure your learning platforms fits in with the environment?

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