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The Frog
The Frog

Why you should mix records on crap speakers - Signal vs. Noise

It's not the gear that matters. It's you and your ideas that matter. Tone is in your fingers. Gear can distract you from the essence of what you're working on. Strip what you're doing down to its bare essentials and evaluate that.

Thinking Twice About Supply-Chain Layoffs - Harvard Business School

Many retailers see labor more as a cost driver than a sales driver. However, the findings of a four-year study tell a different story. Research indicates that increasing the amount of labor at a store is associated with an increase in profit margin. These findings run contrary to the thinking of store managers in that service quality is a top indicator of store performance. For more information, also see Downsizing.

Connectivism and The Networked Student - Education Musings

What should 21st Century learning look like? How can social networking technologies be harnessed in learning spaces? How can emerging technologies truly, meaningfully impact the future of learning? How do we prepare our students and teachers for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century? Includes video:

Consumers Distrust Corporate Blogs - AdWeek

A Forrester Research study found that only 16 percent of consumers trust what they read on blogs, a trust level below such hallmarks of veracity as direct mail and message board posts. Of all information sources, including traditional and interactive media, corporate blogs finished dead last in consumers' eyes.

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