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What's the opposite of email? - Faster Future

"Xerography - every man's brainpicker - heralds the times of instant publishing. Anybody can now become both author and publisher. Take any books on any subject and custom-make your own book by simply xeroxing a chapter from this one, a chapter from that one - instant steal!" - Marshall McLuhan, The Medium is the Massage (the father of rip, mix, & learn)

The seven mass media:
  1. Print
  2. Recordings
  3. Cinema
  4. Radio
  5. Televsion
  6. Internet
  7. Mobile
We are now on the verge of the eighth mass medium -- us!

"We are the distrubution, the content, the medium, and the message carried with it." - David Cushman, EContent Magazine (Dec 2008)

What we need for the arrival of the eighth mass media is something which is as good at expressing our id and metadata outwardly just as broadly and effectively as your email account can collate it centrally.

Moodstream - Getty

Need some creative inspiration? Go to Moodstream and dial in the level of inspiration that best fits your present needs.

No Trust - eLearning Technology

Tony Karrer ponders the issue of "No Trust" of blogs as sources of information:
"it's a bit depressing to realize that you rank behind direct mail and online classifieds in terms of trust. That they think of what they find here the same way I think about other bloggers who I don't know. It's another data point that I will eventually validate through people I do know. A little depressing, but at least it's a data point."

History of Instructional Design - Random Ideas

Mousumi Ghosh looks at the emergence of Instructional Design as a discipline.

Learning Fluidity - Harold Jarche

Stories are an excellent example of learning flow. For millennia, we've learned through stories. Today, content capture and creation tools on the Web let us tell our own stories. Weaving our stories with those of others enables serendipitous learning and becomes a powerful way to reinforce our learning.

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