Geary Rummler, Workflow, Harley-Davidson, & Education

Geary Rummler speaking at Vision 2006 conference by Sandy Kemsley

A Day of Great Sadness - Dr. Geary A. Rummler Has Passed Away - The Pursuing Performance Blog

"Geary A. Rummler - how many performance improvement professionals of many stripes did you influence - both directly and indirectly!?! Tens of thousands minimally I would venture. Probably hundreds of thousands. And his influence won't stop now. It will continue." Guy Wallace also posted an update.

Whither Training? Less in the Classroom, More in the Workflow - Allison Rossett

When work and learning happen at different times and in different places, as is the case with classroom based instruction, there is cause to worry about transfer. Will the skills, knowledge, and attitudes picked up in class in March help with responding to customer inquiries in May? This is where blended learning contributes. Via Guy Wallace of The Pursuing Performance Blog.

Learning from Harley-Davidson's comeback - Signal vs. Noise

From 1973-1983, Harley-Davidson's market share went from 78% to 23% as Japanese manufacturers flooded the market with high quality, low priced bikes. Unable to compete on price against the Japanese producers, Harley had to establish other market values and improve quality. A Case Study of Harley Davidson's Business Practises looks at the management, marketing, and manufacturing techniques that brought the company back.
    1985 Corporate Results from Hoover's Company Profile Database:
  • Net Sales $288 million
  • Net Income $3 million
  • Earnings per Share $0.09
    1995 Corporate Results from 1995 Annual Report
  • Net Sales $1.35 billion
  • Net Income $112 million
  • Earnings per Share $1.50

Top 50 Education Companies - Inc.

The fastest growing education companies (includes corporate training) in America.

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